Clothes Hanger Hiding Spot Hack /// Urban Survival Kit

Clothes Hanger Hiding Spot Hack

Urban survival is not always about the safety of oneself but your gear and valuables, this is one way to conceal them.

In almost any case the safest way to hide objects at hotels is the extrinsic method. However, this is a relatively effective interior method that needs minimal setup and requires no special equipment.

The only necessary items are a clothes hanger, an article of clothing (or equivalent) and a flat packing pouch or bag (as shown: Daka small and medium)

The pouch containing the items to be hidden should be attached to the lower center bar of the clothes hanger. The hanger should then be used for its intended purpose, to hang clothes – but so that it completely conceals the pouch underneath.

Hang the diversion safe hanger as per “normally” in the closet between a few other hangers then close.

Depending on the scenario, a more overt method may be preferred; hang a wet towel instead of clothes and place in the closet with the door open – as if to dry.

Utilizing the basic strategy of “hiding in plain sight”, this stash concealment method only works because most people wouldn’t think of looking inside a just used towel or shirt for something of value or importance.

[PHOTO :Urban Survival Hotel Tip]

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