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Concealed Carry Positions For Knives

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The knife I carry concealed and its positioning on my person depends on where I am, what I’m doing and what I’m wearing – as per responsible weapons carry.

For most scenarios when I’m wearing pants with a belt, I equip my Exilis Knife inside the waistband (IWB). Front right towards the hip and angled naturally along my “v-cut†muscle section. This generally allows for the most efficient and fastest deployment.

The same method applies when I’m wearing shorts. However, if I’m going shirtless, the knife is clipped to my underwear waistband instead of the shorts’ – to conceal the pocket clip and negate printing.

When I was working, my secondary blade was IWB, centered in the rear, over the small of my back.

For special circumstances or imminent threat scenarios, I utilized the “vanishing / retracting palmed blade methodâ€. It’s a way to covertly carry and ready a knife in the hand in plain sight.

I never clip a blade or even a multi-tool over the exterior of my pockets, having the clip visible.

[PHOTO: Urban Survival Kit Knives: Spyderco and Zero Tolerance]