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The urban survival street everyday carry of a covert operative.

SERE Carbon Fiber Money Clip: Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekCarbon fiber Tensul Symmetric Clip modified as a “holster†for the ceramic razor blade, TIHK, lock picks, diamond rod saw and Assailant Card.
Breakaway Carbon Fiber Knife : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekMade specifically for my left hand as a pikal knife. Made from carbon fiber, the blade is designed to break off inside a subject with dual section points.
Titanium Nano Bogota Lock Pocks : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekMinimal “nano†version of the classic Bogota titan basic lock pick tool set (single and triple hump). Crafted from titanium and made in the USA.
Titanium Diamond Rod Saw : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekProprietary manufactured titanium diamond rod saw with a Kevlar grip end. Can potentially cut through anything within reason and given time.
Burner SIM Cards : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekA set of 2 prepaid burner SIM cards on different networks; 1 local and 1 international. Anonymous, untraceable and loaded with data and minutes.
Ceramic Razor Blade : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekGrip handle modified zirconia ceramic razor blade tool. For the purposes of certain SERE (escape) measures and as a last ditch cutting utility.
TIHK Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekFirst generation TIHK (Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key) device. Constructed with an integrated clip for concealed wearability.
Titanium Microtech Assailant Card Knife : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekSemi-custom Microtech Assailant Card knife. Made entirely of beta titanium with a carbodized micro-serrated cutting edge.
Exploding Tip Carbon Fiber Dagger : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekLate phase prototype carbon fiber lapel dagger device with an improvised shaped charge for impact exploding splinter tip functionality.
Encrypted SD SIM Card : Covert Operative Crucial EDC Kit /// VinjatekSecurity enabled micro SD card filled with misdirective “dummy content†and within it a hidden encrypted folder / partition with various data.

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