Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet - Urban Survival Kit

Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet

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The Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet is the toughest ballistic helmet ever made. Constructed from a special modern metal alloy designed specifically for warfare to hold back almost any threat while keeping the wearer comfortable and secure. A full face shield module can be connected made from the same material as well as a combat circlet to attach NVG and other tools and devices to the helmet. Now available to civilians for building the ultimate urban survival kit and loadout.

  • Superior VPAM 3 Compliance Kit
  • Exceeds ACH Blunt Impact Performance
  • Extreme Environmental Stability
  • Minimal BFD and Trauma Rate
  • Edge-to-Edge Protection System
The Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet /// Review

The Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet is available in tan, green or black.