DPx HEAT F Knife /// Urban Survival kit


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    [BUY]     The DPx Gear HEAT/F is a prime example of a “little big knife”. It’s small but not that small and performs and feels like a much bigger knife. Designed by Robert Young Pelton, he originally conceived the HEAT/F from a fixed knife as per survival. So toughness and function was vital. In making these knives, it had to be pocket-friendly but be a workhorse. Beyond that, it’s also a multi-tool with an added integration of a hex driver right on the blade and a tungsten carbide glass breaker on the pommel. A true EDC survival tool.

GEAR     |     REVIEW     |     $180 +

DPx HEAT F Knife /// Urban Survival gear

The DPx Gear HEAT/F knife is made in the USA and Italy.