Droneshield DroneGun MkIII /// Urban Survival Kit

DroneGun MkIII

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    [BUY]     The DroneGun MkIII is a futuristic “pistol†that doesn’t shoot physical bullets but instead an extremely powerful frequency for the countermeasures against most past and modern drones. It’s like an anti-tank gun, but for drones and without the mess. An advanced urban survival kit piece of hardware for the advanced survivalist.

  • Far Reach: 500 Meter Reach in Any Environment
  • Disrupts Multiple Drone RF Frequency Bands
  • Lightweight at 1.95kg and Waterproof to IP55
  • Drone Gun Dimensions: 24.76“ x 15.46“ x 8.24“

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Droneshield DroneGun MkIII /// Urban Survival Kit

The DroneGun MkIII is not available to the general public.