Life After Death G10 Pencil Pusher /// Urban Survival Kit

Best Tactical Pencil: VZ Grips No. 2 G10 Pencil

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If you need a weapon for self defense that’s concealed beyond recognition, you’re in luck!

A tactical pencil where the lead inside has been replaced with G10 might look innocent to the untrained eye, but believe me when I say it’s a WEAPON!

The VZ No.2 Tactical Pencils should be added immediately to your every day carry (EDC) kit or bug out bags. Being light weight and having a realistic look makes them easy to carry and conceal. They’re hand made in the USA from solid G-10, making them damn near unbreakable and invisible to metal detectors. They might look like a real pencil, but don’t expect to write an essay with one.

The sturdier, though slightly less pencil-like VZ Grips G10 Pencil is my personal favorite though, so let’s look at both of these amazing G10 tactical pencil options.

VZ Grips No. 2 G10 Tactical Pencil

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VZ Grips is actually a gun grip manufacturer, but they decided to use their expertise in using a lot of these same materials in other survival gear and small weaponry.

The VZ Grips G10 Pencil is one of those “gadgets” that resulted from the manufacturing team branching out.

I use gadgets in quotations because it IS quite a good invention, although not a very technical weapon of course.

If you want a concealed way of defending yourself, this G10 No. 2 Pencil is your best friend, and I think at this point the only tactical pencil still available.

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RIP – G10 Pencil Pusher

Of special note, an alternate product from GZ Grips was the Although the G10 Pencil Pusher which looked like a regular pencil with orange outer wood look, it’s been out of stock for a while and doesn’t seem to be getting back any time soon.

The G10 Pencil Pusher is an ultimate form of a weapon in disguise. Although it can’t actually write, it is almost indistinguishable from a real number 2 pencil in both visual and feel.

The real only difference is the solid G10 core where the lead is supposed to be.

This makes it incredibly strong and versatile for a variety of combat situations for special circumstance and non-permissible scenarios.

An ideal reverse concealed urban survival kit item for everyday carry.

  • 1/8″ G10 Composite Core as The “Lead”
  • Painted Actual Oak Wood Outer
  • Sharpens Like a Real Pencil
  • Does Not Set Off Metal Detectors
  • Real and Operational Eraser End Cap
Life After Death G10 Pencil Pusher Review /// Urban Survival Gear

The G10 Pencils from VZ Grips are hand made in the United States of America.

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