Hawk Knife Designs Deadlock /// Urban Survival Kit

Hawk Knife Designs Deadlock

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The Hawk Knife Designs Deadlock on an engineering level, is definitively the most perfect OTF (out the front) automatic knife made. Built by a father and son team, Grant and Gavin in the United States, these 2 master bladesmiths create some of the finest automatic knives the world has ever seen – meeting or exceeding industry giants like Microtech and Benchmade. The Deadlock differs than literally all over OTF knives in that it has a solid lock once the blade is deployed. This means there’s no “blade play”, which has seemed impossible to achieve in these types of knives. Not only that, all Hawk knives are built with the best possible materials available.

Hawk Knife Designs Deadlock /// Urban Survival Gear

These Hawk Deadlock knives are made in the USA.