Hidden Knife in Hand Method /// Urban Survival Kit

Hidden Knife in Hand Method

This is an advanced lapel dagger concept. Utilizing the hand anchoring utility of ringed karambits and the mechanics of out-the-front automatic knives.

The purpose of this method is to have the fastest possible deployment of the weapon but maintaining complete freedom of usage of the holding hand and for the device to “vanish” – at will. Also, never having to let it go from grip, even with the hand wide open.

The Vanishing Retractable Palmed Blade Method /// Vinjatek

The striking device is physically attached to the user’s hand using an elastic around one of the fingers.

When the device is “holstered”, it rests securely and completely concealed (from exterior view) at the base of the fingers. To deploy, a simple push with the thumb shifts the device to expose the contact point.

The Vanishing Retractable Palmed Blade Method Instructions /// Vinjatek

Close fist to weaponize. When open-palmed, the hand can hold a firearm or an actual knife, as well as the ability to grapple your target or punch with negligible obstruction – with the device always “activated”.

The device should be ergonomic, no longer than the width of your palm and have grooves / gimping for retention and positioning with the elastic.

[PHOTO : Urban Survival with Knives]

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