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How to Avoid Being Pulled Over by Police While Driving

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This is a street smarts guideline on how to avoid being pulled over by the police while you’re driving. Basic strategies for everyday driving, work, leisure and in case of the need for evasion.

– Obey all traffic laws perfectly, except speed.

– Don’t wear hats, sunglasses or anything that covers your face.

– Never speed but don’t go too slow either.

– On highways, go slightly above the speed limit, never under.

– Make sure all your exterior lights are functional.

– Evading a police car is one thing, the radio is another.

– Don’t blast music too loud.

– Visibly hold the steering wheel at 10/2 or 9/3.

– On making eye contact with a cop; give a slight nod or half smile.

– Refrain from smoking, eating or drinking (any drink).

– If you need to use the phone, keep it out of window view.

– Don’t switch lanes immediately if police gets behind you.

– If in doubt in a new city, imitate the locals.

– Always make a full stop at spot signs, not slow-downs.

– Never speed up at yellow lights.

– Always use turn signals, including lanes and in parking lots.

– Don’t drive with your arm outside the window.

– Avoid blocking the view of your buckled seatbelt.

– A clean vehicle perceives less suspicion.

– Make sure the license plates are correctly positioned.

– Don’t have your seat leaned back too far.

– Never litter out the window, including cigarettes.

– Be wary of wearing gang colors if relevant to the city.

– Keep cool and natural if you do get pulled over.

These methods are essentially perceived “good driver” ways of being on the road and will not work in every situation.

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