How to Bypass Shelter-in-Place Orders During a Pandemic /// Urban Survival Kit

How to Bypass Shelter-in-Place Orders During a Pandemic

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Under a state or military locational lockdown, that means you generally can’t be out in public spaces or traveling between a private place to another private place. Unless you’re an “essential” (medical, military, law enforcement, logistics, fire, utility etc.) person.

I’m technically a civilian, also being retired, but I received a letter from my former employer to be shown to whatever authority may demand it if I’m outside during a lockdown, like a pass of sorts.

These letters were sent to essential personnel, to those who don’t wear uniforms or badges.

So this is obviously the most logical and easiest way to be outside during a lockdown as a civilian.

As for “nonessential” people, you should stay home in order to passively (but effectively) fight a pandemic. But there could be a reason why you’d want to or need to leave the house, even during a lockdown.

A reason that may not be acceptable or legal to an authority that may stop you or even detain you for.

Assuming this reason is worth it and you’re not “essential”, the only way to talk your way into letting the authority to keep your movement is by validity.

Meaning, to have a valid reason for breaking the lockdown protocol or shelter-in-place order.

Going by logic in this type of particular scenario, “validity” equals “essential”. So you have to prove to the authority figure that stops you that you’re essential somehow, or more specifically, why what you’re doing outside against orders is essential.

Why what you’re doing is so important (essential) that you need to be outside. It could be anything:

Examples: Getting crucial medication, helping an elderly relative at their home, finding sold-out baby formula and so on… Essential errands.

The idea is to have a reason to be where you are.