Urban Survival of Facial Recognition

How to Fool Facial Recognition Software

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A facial recognition system is a biometric technology that utilizes digital imagery to identify and specify individuals from initial visual capture for the purpose of database(s) matching and or data compiling.

This system works by analyzing the approximate 80 nodal points of human faces, producing a numerical code for each face as a unique identifier.

There are 2 ways to “defeat” the system assuming video or photographic capture is unavoidable;

Manipulating the algorithm of the software’s analyzation is extreme but does not require you to hide or cover your face. This requires you to temporarily change the perceived structure of your face by precise impact bruising and focused swelling with inseminated allergens on key nodal points.

Bypassing the software’s ability to properly analyze your face. This can be achieved by using sunglasses, hats, makeup, hair, bandages and prosthetics. However, depending on the tech being used, these methods may not be as nearly effective.

Facial recognition is still far from being a definitive biometric indentifier system in broad security use but “fooling” certain applications such as passport screening and intelligence agency access is all but impossible with these traditional methods.

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