Urban Survival in Shanghai, China

How to Get Food at Restaurants Without Money

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One could simply shoplift from a grocery store, snatch-and-run from a food stall or just bounce from a bill at a restaurant when circumstances call for it.

This is a more effective and nuanced method to maintain both sustenance and freedom.

This will work only at any moderately sized restaurants with fire alarm pull stations and properly implemented fire drill practices – which is essentially all proper restaurants and chains.

If at a fast food restaurant where you have to pay first, don’t attempt to order but go to the restroom to find the fire alarm pull station, which are often located in this area. Make sure there are no cameras or witnesses. Using a plastic bag or equivalent wrapped around your hand, pull the alarm – this will prevent tamper dye ink (if applied) getting on your skin.

If the alarm is set off, walk into the restroom and stay in there for about 90 – 120 seconds. By this time all or most of the customers and staff will be outside of the premises. Leave the restroom and grab any clean food you need then casually leave the restaurant.

Although riskier, if at a serviced restaurant with waiting, heading straight for the restroom may not be an option. If it is, then follow the same tactic. If not, you will need to order food and eat then pull the alarm. Before ordering, make sure there is a fire alarm.

In the unlikely event the fire alarm pull stations are non-functioning; activate the alarm of an emergency exit door or cause massive toilet flooding / plumbing hacks in the restroom to incite an evacuation.

Remember, these are for desperate, last resort measures for sustenance. Always be vigilant and keep civil disruption to the absolute minimum.

This is how to get free food at restaurants as a desperado.

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