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How to Prevent Hotel Room Theft

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Knowing how to prevent hotel room theft as supposed to at home is different. The altered venue type makes for an altered system of security beyond the hotel’s or home’s.

    +     Before leaving your room, turn on the shower to warm and spread a good amount of shampoo on the shower floor. Leave the bathroom door half open to let the steam flow. The distinct sound and aroma makes it seem like someone is taking a shower.

    +     Keep the TV or music playing loud enough to be heard through your door and to the hallway.

    +     If you’re leaving your room but will still be in the hotel, call your room phone and leave the line open. Listening on your mobile phone for an intruder. Bluetooth earbuds perhaps.

    +     Using pillows and other available objects, make the bed seem like someone is sleeping in it.

    +     Using your phone or other device, make a 30 second recording of yourself having a fake phone conversation. Then have it play on repeat in the bathroom with the door slightly open.

    +     Put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob.

    +     Stick a fake note on the door that says something like “Hey baby, I have the key but I’ll be back in 2 minutes, wait for me, just went downstairs”.

    +     Prop your phone, tablet or laptop with the screen angled at eye level in a central or unmissable area of your room. Have the camera on, Skype / Facechat active or an auto recording app in a way that the subject sees themselves “on camera” on a monitor.

    +     If your room has guest slippers / flip flops, place a pair outside with the toes pointing at the door – positioned as if you entered the room like that.

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