How to Walk Through Bad Neighborhoods: Damascus, Syria /// Urban Survival Kit

How to Walk Through Bad Neighborhoods

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Knowing how to walk through bad neighborhoods safely is one of the most important and useful street smart skills of everyday urban survival.

      Act Like You Belong //

This is true urban camouflage. To appear, not just visually but via personality, as if you’re a resident or otherwise inherent part of the community. By the way you dress, speak, walk and mannerisms along with prompted direct social engineering tactics.

      Act Like You Know Where You’re Going //

Your movement, including momentum, pace, style of walking (gait) and visual cues of seeing / looking. It should match with the vicinity of the locale. If unknown or inapplicable, not looking like a tourist is effective; moving with direction, not obviously looking up and around as if to find your bearings.

      Act Like You Know Someone //

These are displays of theatrics to solidify your (non-existent) relation to someone within the community; speaking on the phone as if about to meet someone around the corner or waving / nodding to a car or apartment window to show you’re a known person.

[PHOTO :Urban Survival in The Streets of Damascus, Syria]