Improvised Multi-Tool Slingshot

Improvised Multi-Tool Slingshot

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This isn’t the best way to make an improvised slingshot but it is one way. However, depending on your urban survival situation scenario, it may be the only way to make one.

The origin of the featured image could not be found through reverse image searching but a thanks is warranted to the person who came up with this and posted it on the web.

The idea is as simple as it is effective.

As shown here, use a Leatherman Rebar (or any other folding multi-tool) as the base with a series of rubber bands and cordage to form the improvised slingshot.

Improvised Multi-Tool Slingshot /// Urban Survival Kit

Ammunition is a plenty; bb’s, pellets, keys, coins, screws, nuts, bolts, nails, glass shards or those pebbles.

It’s also part of one of the most important of urban survival kit items. No, not the slingshot, the multi-tool.