Katzco Fake Rock Cache /// Urban Survival Gear

Katzco Fake Rock Cache

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    [BUY]     The Katzco Fake Rock Cache is modeled after the old school spy trick of using hollowed out real rocks to use as dead drops (hide important documents and devices) in public spaces. Instead, these are made from a highly sculpted resin that the eye can’t tell the difference between it and a real rock. Excellent for hiding keys or items for urban survival kits in a prepping geo caching type of method.

  • Tough Molded Poly-Resin Material
  • Weather Resistant Compartment
  • Hide Item Size Up To 2.5†x 1â€
  • Dimensions: 3.5†x 2.25†x 2â€

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Katzco Fake Rock Cache Review /// Urban Survival Kit

The Katzco Fake Rock Cache is available in single or double packs.