KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet /// Urban Survival Kit

KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet

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The KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet is a low-profile but high performing wallet for the modern age. It’s tough but minimal, minimal but full of features. It’s an actual wallet with tracking and signal blocking measures while looking good, an everyday carry urban survival kit piece of personal equipment. While traditional leather is still a great material for wallets, this is built with a new type that’s more durable and lighter.

  • Full RFID Security Protection
  • Premium Tectuff® Leather
  • Tileâ„¢ Slim Pocket Equipped
  • Dimensions: 3.95″, 2.65″, 0.40″
KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet Review /// Urban Survival Gear

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The KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet is available in black or gray.