Lever Gear CableKit /// Urban Survival Kit

Lever Gear CableKit

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    [BUY]     The Lever Gear CableKit is an ultra-minimal yet fully equipped digital device charging cable kit. The cable alone is exquisitely designed for style and function, of which integrates into the ingeniously designed case that also holds an adapter, SIM card tool and slots for 2 additional SIM cards and a micro SD card. All of this forms into itself like a solid monolithic block that hides away on a keychain. An masterful digital urban survival kit addition for the pocket or loadout.

  • Complete Charging / Data Cable Kit
  • USB-C, Micro USB and Apple Options
  • Comes With an Adapter of Choice
  • Fully Integrates Into a Case
  • Holds Cable, Tool and Sim Cards

GEAR     |     REVIEW     |     $15 +

Lever Gear CableKit Review /// Urban Survival Kit

The Lever Gear CableKit comes in all available cable types to suit your needs; iPhone and iPads, Android and everything else etc.