Urban Survival in Bangkok, Thailand

Locking Down a City Block With a Traffic Infrastructure Hack

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Locking down a city block with a traffic infrastructure hack. This tactic if properly executed will completely lock down one fully enclosed city block in its entirety from all vehicles and most pedestrians (except for first responders) – from a few minutes to several hours.

The purposes for this type of traffic control are dynamic and used with other methods; trap or keep away a target, minimize witnesses, maximize operational maneuverability, delay or misdirect a pursuer / target, minimize collateral incidentals, create false positive crises and evasion.

It takes a single person to initiate within minutes or with an asset depending on the control systems. There’s no digital or network hacking, just manual operation with basic everyday tools.

Due to the legality and potential dangers of this tactic, I will go into more details in another post once this method becomes obsolete with new tech and SOPs.

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