Nomodo Trio /// Urban Survival Kit

Nomodo Trio

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    [BUY]     The Nomodo Trio is a first world problem urban survival kit item for the desktop. It solves 3 common everyday problems in 1 unique device. The first problem it solves is keeping your cold drink cold, like soda or beer. Alternately, you can keep your hot drink hot, like coffee or tea. The other problem it solves is completely different, yet somehow is relevant – it charges your phone wirelessly, just by placing it on top of one of the circular panels. Which is how the heating / cooling function also works, just by placing your drink on top of the other panel.

  • Beverage Cooling or Heating
  • Wireless Qi Device Charger
  • Auto Activating Design
  • Fits Cups, Bottles, Cans, Mugs
  • Size: 9.30″ x 6.00″ x 4.57″

GEAR     |     REVIEW     |     $79 +

Nomodo Trio Review /// Urban Survival Gear

The Nomodo Trio comes with a mug specifically made to work together.