Facial Recognition and Urban Survival Kits

Operative Urban ‘Leave No Trace’ Directive

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Also known as the “leave no trace, negate your face” approach to functioning in covert and other special operations. For the purpose of keeping cover prior, during and especially after OPS – as well as for operational integrity and personnel security.

This doesn’t pertain to a particular method or skillset. This requires an overarching mindset of reducing to completely negating any actions that can compromise the identity of the operative(s).

It’s ongoing, ever-active and dynamically deliberate processes for; fingerprint masking, facial recognition countering, DNA debris minimizing, social engineering, physical / digital footprint manipulating, video / audio surveillance suppressing and so on.

While identity preservation is equally important throughout the entire operational course, the ultimate goal is preserving identity security indefinitely for after the completion of the OP.

This directive also has advantages for everyday life for the security and privacy conscious individual.

[PHOTO : Urban Facial Recognition]

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