Puffco Budsy - Review Urban Survival Kit

Puffco Budsy

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    [BUY]     The Puffco Budsy is an urban pot smoker’s survival kit in a bottle. It’s a fully functional waterpipe with all the works; ceramic bowl, water filtration and more. But this looks exactly like a water bottle, of which can be covertly yet overtly be used almost anywhere you’d want to take a sip of water – or a bong hit. The makers of Budsy create some of the most modern and high-end 420 paraphernalia available, so this is no gimmick or a cheap pipe you can buy at the gas station. This is a seriously premium smoking utensil for the serious toker.

  • Ceramic Bowl Piece With Silicone Tab
  • BPA Free (Food Safe) Tritan Material
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Completely Concealed Bowl Mechanism
  • Gramit Pulser Calibrated Design

GEAR     |     REVIEW     |     $49 +

Puffco Budsy - Urban Survival Gear

The Puffco Budsy is lab tested and developed but has since seen much real world use, proven to be an effective covert smoking device.