Raytheon Boomerang Warrior-X /// Urban Survival Kit

Raytheon Boomerang Warrior-X

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    [BUY]     The Raytheon Boomerang Warrior-X is a combat survival device that detects gunshots and pinpoints the location of where the shots were fired in an instant. So when a sniper with a rifle or a hostile with a pistol fires, the operator is alerted of the action and where they are. A highly advanced urban warfare survival kit for the professional.

  • Mounts to The Shoulder of The Operator
  • Lasts For 12 Hours Per Charge / Mission
  • Entire Setup Weighs only 12 Ounces
  • Attached LCD Screen Monitor Viewer

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Raytheon Boomerang Warrior-X Buy /// Urban Survival Kit

The Raytheon Boomerang Warrior-X is only available for military, law enforcement, government agencies and certified contractors.