Urban Survival in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan ///

Scanning Crowds of People to Find Target Subjects

Scanning crowds of people to find target subjects. The purpose is to efficiently and quickly find a person or persons among a crowd of people by visually scanning with your own eyes, without special equipment or assistance from an asset(s).

This can be used in everyday life when looking for an associate or professionally as surveillance against a person of interest at designated locales.

When looking for a target subject, there are 3 types of identifying classification strategies to utilize:

    Known Subject – recognition relies on existing and confirmed physical characteristics.

    Unknown Subject – recognition relies on unconfirmed accounts of visual characteristics.

    Potential Subject – recognition relies on situational / interpersonal pattern recognition.

Despite the varying strategy directions of each classification type, scanning a crowd for each requires the same abilities; situational awareness, comparison deducement and distinction perception.

Each of the classification strategies and tactics will be published individually in future intel posts.

[PHOTO :Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan]

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