Search-Proof On Your Person Stash Hiding Places /// Urban Survival Kit

Search-Proof On Your Person Stash Hiding Places

Search-proof on your person stash hiding places. Other than oral, ingestive, rectal and surgical placements, the “Arch Fitting” and “Wound Dressing” methods are the most secure ways to conceal small items (directly) on your person (body).

The Arch Fitting method utilizes the arch of the bottom of the foot for placement. Items are ergonomically tucked between the foot arch and sock in a flat manner to allow normal use of the foot.

– For further effectiveness, plastic shrink wrap or silicon / memory foam inserts can be used for added support, comfort and concealment.

The Wound Dressing method utilizes bandages, gauzes and other similar medical dressings for placements. Items are attached to the inside of the dressing while actively used on a nonexistent wound.

– This overt concealment method is to simulate the dressing of an injury, to misdirect and deflect attention away from it, after the direct sight of it.

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