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    [BUY]     The SecuraDoor is a security door bar device that adds a significant layer protection against forced entry for almost any door. It can be applied in seconds in your home, office, hotel or anywhere you need a way to effectively keep a door from opening with extreme efficiency. There’s many cheaper and less proven types of this tool but SecuraDoor is several times stronger than the average and even has an aesthetic value. An exceptional urban survival prepping item for when the SHTF or for everyday security and vigilance.

  • Holds up Against up to 1 Ton of Weight
  • Highly Adjustable and Universal Fit
  • Works on Door Knobs From 34″ to 48″
  • Weighs a Total of Only 3.2 lbs.

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SecuraDoor Review /// Urban Survival Gear

Each SecuraDoor device comes with a unlimited lifetime warranty.