Simple Ways to Save More Water

Simple Ways to Save More Water

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Simple Ways to Save More Water
Taken by Teona Swift on Pexels

It seems like half the country is dealing with a drought right now. Even if you’re not in a drought, it makes good environmental sense to save as much water as possible. Now that doesn’t mean you have to go without showering; your friends and family would probably not appreciate that degree of effort. However, there are other lifestyle changes and steps you can take to conserve water. And you’ll cut down on your water bill too. Saving money is always good. 

Install a Low Flow Shower Head

Low flow doesn’t mean that your showers will be weak and unsatisfying. In fact, there are many powerful low-flow showers that make you feel like you’re in a spa. Older model showerheads generally have a flow rate of about five to eight gallons per minute. A low-flow shower head uses about one and a half to two and a half gallons per minute. Simply unscrew your old model and attach the new model, then enjoy the savings.


Xeriscaping is the process of using plants in your landscaping that doesn’t need much water. And we’re not just talking about cacti and succulents. There’s actually quite a large selection of plants that are drought friendly.

If xeriscaping isn’t your style, consider watering your lawn in a more conservative manner. Water every couple of days and water your lawn when the sun goes down. Water it for a solid twenty to thirty minutes to give it a good soaking. This helps the roots go deeper and they’ll be able to retrieve more water down deep instead of relying on surface water. 

Laundry and Dishes

Only do complete loads of laundry and dishes. Don’t run the appliances when they’re less than full. The same is true when you’re hand washing laundry or clothes. Fill the sink instead of letting the water run.

Every little step you can take to conserve water helps the environment. The changes don’t have to be monumental to make a difference. Install a low-flow toilet, take shorter showers and pour any leftover water into plants. Be water wise!