Stasher Bags /// Urban Survival Kit

Stasher Bags

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    [BUY]     The Stasher Bags are next generation “ziploc bags”, except no plastic is used and is reusable for countless uses. Made from a new type of silicone that feels and looks great while keeping the contents well protected from the elements. Great for the fridge or the backpack. Can be used for food or gear as well as be boiled, microwaved and submerged. An ideal urban survival kit bag for sustenance or everyday carry.

  • Entirely Pure Silicone Construction
  • Self-Sealing and Airtight Secure
  • Made in 5 Different Sizes and Shapes
  • Durable and Food Safe (No BPA)

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Stasher Bag /// Urban Survival Kits

Stasher Bags Reviews /// Urban Survival Gear

Stasher Bags Review /// Urban Survival Gear

The Stasher Bags are available in dozens of colors and shades.