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S.L.Y.G. = Stay Learning Your Gear

“Stay slyg.†“Keep on slyging.†“Be slyg.†“Don’t forget to slyg.†“Remain slyg.†“Slyg on.†“Always be slyging.â€

This is in the same vein as “remember your trainingâ€, but SLYG refers specifically to equipment. To constantly study, use and train with the pertinent tools of the trade whenever possible.

The most obvious or notable being disassembling, reassembling and cleaning your firearm with the same attention as to shooting practice and drills.

“Gear†also refers to actual kits; first-aid, survival, comms etc. To know how to efficiently utilize each individual item within a kit as well as a whole.

In tradecraft there’s no such thing as completely perfecting a skill or the ability to use any given equipment. Mastery is a journey with no end.

Thus the mindset is that we are always learning and can always learn more. To stay learning.

[PHOTO : Life Capsule Omega and BSS V3 Torch]