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The 90 Percent Urban Backpack Packing Hack

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Just because a backpack has a certain capacity, doesn’t mean it should be packed to full capacity – until necessary.

This is the basis of the “90 Percent Urban Backpack Packing Method”.

When packing a backpack, no more than 90 percent of its main cargo capacity should be filled. So there should be just enough to keep the pack formed and stable to its shape structure. Meaning, if too little is packed, the contents of the pack will shift and deform the pack’s shape, decreasing user comfort and mobility.

The 10 percent remaining space is reserved for the possibility of other items that may need to be added in the future or unexpectedly. You can still add more items within a fully packed and even bulging backpack but your backpack usage effectiveness is reduced.

A 100 percent packed backpack means that everything in it must be put in perfectly with every item placed just right in its exact place or it won’t fit. So packing and unpacking must be precise and methodical, every time.

But when filled to just 90 percent, the process of packing and unpacking is far less stringent and time consuming.

It’s like going on a long road trip with your friends in a sedan. It’s designed to comfortably seat 5 adults but the journey will be a much better experience with just the 4 of you plus room for gear, comfort and more options.

[PHOTO : FAST Pack Scout Urban Survival Kit]