TROVA Go - Urban Survival Kit

TROVA Go Vault

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The TROVA Go is a portable personal vault that’s meant to be carried like everyday carry gear and or as part of a travel packing list, essentially an urban survival accessory for the prepared nomad. The idea is that it doesn’t look like a safe or anything at all really, it just looks like a well crafted box with no discernible function to anyone who doesn’t already know what it is – hidden in plain sight.

There’s no sign of it being a thing that’s supposed to hold valuable things inside securely. To unlock, you must have their app installed on your phone and then use the phone’s biometric security features such as fingerprint and face ID, which will wirelessly unlock the TROVA. So there’s no physical key to carry or numerical combination to remember.

  • Keyless / Wireless Biometric Entry
  • Tough Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Auto GPS Locational Tracking Function
  • Magnetic Strips and Silicon Interior
  • Bypass Mode For Emergency Use
TROVA Go - Urban Survival Gear Review

The TROVA Go is available in several other colors and different size models, as well as protective cases for travel purposes.