Social Media as an Urban Survival Kit

Using Social Media to Hide in Plain Site Without Actually Hiding

Social media is a tool that can be used to exploit remarkably precise and extensive roadmaps of where a target is presently located, will be and have been.

This is the counter, the reversal.

In essence, to positively yet falsely indicate where and when you are for whatever purpose. Hiding in plain site, but on the grid with off-grid benefits.

Instead of going dark on social media, it can be used as normal with deferred or distorted posting to fit the necessary location / timeline roadmap.

The deferred method works by consistently posting locationally tagged images and other media a certain time after the events took place.

The distorted method relies on a complex posting pattern that’s not random but locationally strategic to fit the required timelines of the operator.

Although the EXIF data (metadata) is typically stripped when uploaded to most social networks, it’s best to delete or alter that data prior to posting – as well by utilizing virtual private networks.

Deep photo editing to fit desired roadmaps is an option for more specialized positioning.

[PHOTO : Social Media as a Digital Urban Survival Kit]

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