VFAK Urban Survival Kit Vanquest

VFAK Urban Survival Kit

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The VFAK urban survival kit of Shepherd EDC. Specifically known as a “Vehicle First-Aid Kitâ€. This compact yet well stocked loadout is, as the name suggests, intended to be equipped inside your car, truck or other similar use vehicle.

Vehicle First Aid Kit

Vehicle First-Aid Kit Contents:

  • 2ft Rolls of Sterile Gauze (x5)
  • Alcohol Wipes (x4)
  • Standard Bandaids (x10)
  • 14 Gauge Chest Spike (x1)
  • Ammonia Capsule (x1)
  • Black Sharpie Marker (x1)

This VFAK is entirely stored in a Vanquest FATPack pouch.