Viktos Actual Leather Jacket Review /// Urban Survival Gear

Viktos Actual Leather Jacket review: tactical outwear fit for combat

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    [BUY]     The Viktos Actual Leather Jacket is a truly tactical outwear that you can wear just as effectively (and fashionably) in the battlefield as much as in daily life.

Made from full premium leather made to be waterproof yet breathable. It looks and performs like a technical shell, not a heavy leather coat.

Constructed to be fit for action, combat, and specifically for firearms – the ultimate urban survival clothes.

  • Waterproof / Breathable 3 Layer Lining
  • Combat Articulated Back & Elbow Panels
  • Multiple Pockets and Compartments
  • Designed by a U.S. Military Veteran
CLOTHES     |     REVIEW     |     $500 +
Viktos Actual Waterproof Leather Jacket /// Urban Survival Gear

The Viktos Actual Leather Jacket comes with a one year warranty.