Urban Survival Kit Backstopped Identity

What is a Backstopped Identity?

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A backstopped identity is a well established false but seemingly true identity that’s backed by verifiable background details.

A fake identity is typically just a single or a few pieces of fraudulent / counterfeit physical identification documents such as driver’s licenses and passports. However, these can only pass visual inspection as they are not linked to any network or database.

A backstopped identity typically encompasses a portion of a subject’s “verifiable” life. Physical identification documents are officially made and linked to the relevant networks or databases.

Furthermore, the identity is constructed (backstopped) with extensive but varying degrees of supporting historical data, personal records and other safely scrutinizable documentation – as well as accounts and social media activity.

Additionally, human assets may be installed or embedded in key positions to further establish cover.

What is a backstopped identity ID?

These are the physical documents like drivers license cards and birth certificates that correlate to the invented identity.

[PHOTO :Backstopped ID Identity Example]